AR Use Cases Areas

After watching the [ARCore course on Coursera], I have decided to compile the list of different potential use cases themes for AR. It has already being used in number of areas. The most used of those are:

1. Automotive, aviation

– Navigation
– Enhancing vision, zoom
– Enhancing night vision
– (military) Target identification
– Terrain information
– Map information
– Radar
– Information on other vehicles

2. Shopping

– Furniture: integrate digital 3D furniture indoors
– Fashion: ‘trying’ clothes on digitally
– Make up: seeing different shades of make up on, different hair styles, etc
– Super market: product information, labels, prices
– In-store navigation
– Interactive advertising
– Showrooms enhancements
– Shopping assistant
– Security and face recognition / tracking systems


– Display designs in 3D space
– Showcase buildings and architectural structures in the environment
– Getting information on buildings, floor plans, exits, etc
– Maps

4. Education

– Enhanced ‘trip’ experiences: in space and time
– Interactive elements and particles for science
– AR encyclopedia with interactive elements

5. Social Media

– Social Media stickers
– Filters

6. Storytelling and Entertainment

– Animated experiences coming with printed books
– Interactive experiences coming with books
– Immersive and interactive shows on streets, in theatres

7. Healthcare and Medicine

– Enhanced 3D visualisation
– Interactive 3D visuals
– Layered 3D assets
– AR diagnostics
– Treatment plans
– AR simulations of surgery procedures
– Meditation experiences
– Interactive calming experiences with playing with animals
– (in pharmaceutics) AR drug and chemicals info for creating treatments
– (in pharmaceutics, in stores) AR dosage instructions

8. Communication

– AR live calls with a holographic person

9. Gaming

– Environmental puzzles
– Environmental escape rooms, searching for hidden clues
– Board games
– FPS games
– Casino, bingo games

10. Tourism and Travel

11. Art

12. Construction

– Subsurface utilities maps
– Pipelines
– Different layers of construction deconstructed or extracted in AR
– Measuring distances
– Seeing data on how much work has been done, and how much left
– Measuring risks and efficiency while building
– Getting information on buildings, age, floor plans, etc
– Exit plan and safety information