The Menu Concept in VR


Many of the new to VR people are resentful to try VR as, comparing VR to mobile experiences, they believe that 2D mobile experiences are better, and more natural to use.


There are a number of factors that can influence this belief.
One of the factors, I would like to create a hypothesis around is: many of the current VR experiences have UI resembling 2D mobile UI. Instead, the VR UI should use 3D space and simulate reality more.


To have menus in VR resemble more of physical catalogues / library archive shelves; with tabs for categories, that can be expanded or collapsed by being pulled up and down with the VR controllers.

The classic library archive systems label, categorise and allow an easier access to items providing tabs or the sides of shelves or cards.

In VR, the same system, combined with an ability to easily collapse and expand ‘shelves’, may be used for menus to provide a more intuitive way to access 3D items or even properties like colours, functions or settings:

While tabs are a great way to categorise and label menu items, I would like to explore more ways to identify that the user can grab onto those to expand the category shelf:
– Make the tab thicker
– Attach a handle to it
– Make the tabs bend of the end to identify you can grab them
– Add help messages that would say you can expand the tab grabbing them


After ideation, I decided to create a quick 3D model of a shelf-menu with tabs and icons:


… work in progress …