Rapid Prototyping for Tinder | Mobile VR

Following [the post by Volodymyr Kurbatov] about sketching for VR, I experimented with the technique to see how easy it would be to create and user test the first drafts for mobile VR apps.

My concept was to design a VR experience for Tinder app.

Tinder has Major features:
1. Explore matches;
2. See your matches;
3. Chat with your matches;
4. Settings.

The VR sketch template provides 4 sides and thus places the user in a room with 2 walls. I quickly sketched 4 Tinder features into the ‘walls’:

The template provides comfortable and maximum FoV (field of view) for the users too, which helps with understanding the sizes and proportions. I went for sketches a bit taller than the comfortable FoV, which when deploying to mobile felt a bit too close to the viewer.

Following the same tutorial I saved the image and used the GoPro VR Player to play test the sketch:

Overall, I think this is an amazing way for the first stage of prototyping and user testing for mobile VR experiences. Although there must ways to improve and add more depth and ‘walls’ to the template too.