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7C Incite Lab

Being a big player in the digital media world, The 7th Chamber have also being planning to release our own data analysis tools online.

Having had Incite Lab online for years, the IA was to complex to navigate. We analysed the user journeys and their main pain points to create a smoother experience for better understanding of a data heavy content.

The main goal of the tool is to let potential customers analyse the performance of their video content online and compare it to other videos; as well as compare their brand’s social performance against other brands.

[Click on the image below to see live prototype]


7C Dashboard

We were also creating an online tool ‘7C Dashboard’ where our clients would be able to see the results of their campaign, the resources used, and social influencers involved.

An information and structure heavy tool, we had to go through user research and lots of information architecture exercises to create a platform for different levels of users: super admin, admin, and customer.

Having conducted a few user testings on checking how intuitive the user flow is, we ended up with the following tool structure.

[Admin + Super admin users low-fidelity prototype can be viewed here]:



December 20, 2016