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Working at The 7th Chamber, I have built up a portfolio of brand assets to be used for sales pitches and presentation, as well as internal documents.

My work as a designer at The 7th Chamber is divided into 3 major parts: Graphic Design (30%), Marketing Design (50%), and UX/UI Design (20%).

UI Design / Tool Development

7C Incite 

Being a big player in the digital media world, The 7th Chamber have also being planning to release our own data analysis tools online.

The main goal of the tool is to let potential customers analyse the performance of their video content online and compare it to other videos; as well as compare their brand’s social performance against other brands.

[Click on the image below to see live prototype]


7C Dashboard

We were also creating an online tool ‘7C Dashboard’ where our clients would be able to see the results of their campaign, the resources used, and social influencers involved.

An information and structure heavy tool, we had to go through user research and lots of information architecture exercises to create a platform for different levels of users: super admin, admin, and customer.

Having conducted a few user testings on checking how intuitive the user flow is, we ended up with the following tool structure.

[Admin + Super admin users low-fidelity prototype can be viewed here]:


Graphic Design

Part of my responsibilities as a graphic designer and a creative thinker at the company is to create assets to promote brand’s services. The 7th Chamber, constantly adjusting to the most current social media and influencer marketing needs, would tweak and pivot our services to deliver the best results for our clients.

After conducting client service research and collecting feedback, we would constantly iterate on presentations and sales pitching assets.

To keep fresh modern look for our presentations and sales assets, as well as make heavy blocks of information more digestable, I concentrated on:

1. Layout and composition
I use a 4 or 6 column grid to keep the arrangement of elements consistent, and keep all elements of the document look like belong to each other.

2. White space
To keep information grouped, and make reading of the docs easier, I keep plenty of white space around elements, and their groups.

3. Flat icons
Being a digital social marketing brand, we want to make sure we look modern. The selection of flat colours and custom created flat icons add up to the fresh look.


Upon finishing campaigns, we always create an End of Campaign report for clients, highlighting the most relevant and important data for the customers, be those the number of engagements with their content, or content created around their brand by our influencers, or click through rates.


Being a great working environment, The 7th Chamber are always organising social events, competitions, trainings and internal events for the employees. I have been also responsible for creating assets for those too.


Marketing Design

As a marketing designer at The 7th Chamber, I am responsible for building and monitoring an online presence for the brand, which includes the website, email campaigns, and social media channels assets.

The 7th Chamber website

For easier website accessibility by different team members, we moved our website from a custom made template to Squarespace.

Using website metrics tools like Crazyegg, Google Analytics, Hotjar, we AB tested, analysed and iterated user experience on our site to create a better conversions funnel.

Seeing high performing elements on pages and exposing them more, increased engagements on the page and dropped the overall bounce rate. User testing the body copy also helped improve the understanding of our service which resulted in more relevant contacts.

Check out [] at work.


Scrolling and click heatmaps, as well as mouse movement recordings are extremely useful in indicating parts of the page that get users’ attention, as well as parts that should be removed due to causing frustration or being inactive in engagements.


Email marketing

Based on my previous experience at Vostok Capital as an email designer, we introduced email marketing at The 7th Chamber. After considering hand coding vs MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor, we ended up with the latter.

Even though MailChimp is integrated in more tools, Campaign Monitor seemed like a better experience when creating and editing templates.

AB testing different approaches and topics for the email campaigns, we ended up with weekly newsletters with the content about Social and Influencer Marketing news and articles useful for Social Marketers.

Having had only 100 potential subscribers in our database, we grew this number up to 1300 in 1 year.

We have been testing subject lines, From-Name lines, text, layout, content, buttons, and colours, and applied the results of testing to our next campaign throughout the last year. Average open rate over the past few months has been 25-27%, with an engagement rate of 13-19%

Read more on layout and AB testing of our email campaigns [here].

Social media accounts

At The 7th Chamber, I have also been responsible for creating and supporting our social media accounts. I took over Instagram and grew our followers amount from 60 to 600 over a few months; the account also generated leads onto our website. Our Twitter and Facebook account also became more popular among our followers.


We are also doing research on other social networks, and just recently discovered Reddit which, together with our blog, generated a quarter of highly engaged leads to our website in a month.


December 19, 2016


Graphic Design