The 7th Chamber | Graphic Design

Part of my responsibilities as a graphic designer and a creative thinker at the company is to create assets to promote brand’s services. The 7th Chamber, constantly adjusting to the most current social media and influencer marketing needs, would tweak and pivot our services to deliver the best results for our clients.

After conducting client service research and collecting feedback, we would constantly iterate on presentations and sales pitching assets.

To keep fresh modern look for our presentations and sales assets, as well as make heavy blocks of information more digestable, I concentrated on:

1. Layout and composition
I use a 4 or 6 column grid to keep the arrangement of elements consistent, and keep all elements of the document look like belong to each other.

2. White space
To keep information grouped, and make reading of the docs easier, I keep plenty of white space around elements, and their groups.

3. Flat icons
Being a digital social marketing brand, we want to make sure we look modern. The selection of flat colours and custom created flat icons add up to the fresh look.


Upon finishing campaigns, we always create an End of Campaign report for clients, highlighting the most relevant and important data for the customers, be those the number of engagements with their content, or content created around their brand by our influencers, or click through rates.


Being a great working environment, The 7th Chamber are always organising social events, competitions, trainings and internal events for the employees. I have been also responsible for creating assets for those too.



January 18, 2017


Graphic Design