360 drawings

I have recently being experimenting with 360 drawings. There are plently of grids and methods one can find online to create a 360 drawing. Here are a few that I found very useful:

Jama Jurabaev’s Tutorial

[Video Source]

Jama’s grid allows to see the depth in the 360 scene. I found it great to create cityscapes. In his tutorial, he is using Photoshop and it’s 3D > Spherical Panorama feature.

360-drawing.com’s tutorial


The grid gives us 4 sides + top and bottom sctretched in 2:1 equirecrangular projection. Even though the video is in French, it has subtitles, and is describing Photoshop’s 3D options more in detail comparing to Jama’s video. As a complete beginner, I found this the best option to dive into 360 drawings.

Volodymyr Kurbatov’s grid


A very detailed article with a grid that features comfortable and maximum fields of view for better understanding of what users can observe comfortably at a 360 image. Volodymyr also offers high res grids in his post, so one can print them out and sketch on the go. I found these more useful for creating UIs than illustration, and would definitely use the FoV element from this grid when designing VR experiences:


Trying out different methods and grids (or rather the combination of all), I ended up with the illustration below. Would definitely try to draw more!


December 8, 2017


Research, VR Design