Playing with Gravity Sketch

Recently started exploring 3D modelling with [Gravity Sketch] on iPad. It is a very easy to use tool that allows you to quickly create 3D models for your VR scene.

Gravity Sketch exports into the .obj and .mtl formats and can be automatically synced to Dropbox or saved into your Google drive, which allows you to easily import it into Unity or Hologram.

The tool bar on the left allows you to select shape tools and play with symmetry, widths, and colours; while the panel on the right helps to navigate you through the 3D space, rotate, duplicate, and go back in history to edit details.

After syncing with you Dropbox or Google drive, or uploading the model to Google Poly, it is really easy to access it fromĀ  computer to import to your Unity scene.

What I also liked is that all elements of the model can be accessed separately in Unity – to apply any material you like, or to move / rotate / remove that element altogether.