Basketball Game in Unity

First time I tried Unity over a year ago – as part of the [VR Development course] by Udacity. Now, I decided to refresh what I learned then – through another course:) This time it was a Udemy [Unity Game Developer] course, designed by Pablo Farias Navarro.

In this course, I followed instructions to code most interactions. To add to the course flow, I decided to improve the general look creating a visually more complex environment through materials and textures. I also made it a mobile VR game.

First of all, I added up walls, and a ceiling; and applied seamless brick texture to one of them. Floor also needed to resemble a basketball court, so I applied the right material to it too. Basketball was trickier, as it is a sphere. I simply followed the [grid] to create a textured equirectangular projection:

The hoop in the tutorial was square. So I decided to make it round, and mocked up a quick 3D model of the hoop in [Gravity Sketch]:

Importing a Gravity Sketch 3D model into Unity is super easy, and each stroke can be coloured or modified. I ended up deleting the net, and also cheated a little and added 3 Box Colliders for the hoop in the shape of the original hoop from the tutorial: