VR / AR Design

Virtual and augmented reality fascinate me with their huge potential in creating more interesting and immersive experiences in entertainment, education and science. As a UX designer, the VR, AR and MR space is certainly something that I would want to explore more professionally or on my own.

I have completed the [VR Development course by Udacity] and have been attending VR / AR design events and hackathons in London over the last year, which gave me a good understanding of the industry and technical aspect of VR.

UX / UI Design

Working at an online gaming company, I really enjoy product design process from the ideation phase to its launch and user testing. I specialise in developing Information Architecture and conducting Usability Testing, but am also deeply involved in brainstorming sessions, creating user flows, wireframes and interactive prototypes for various projects.

Apart from work, I have been involved with creating or optimising user experiences for the websites of the communities I belong to. You can check some of them out below:

Graphic Design

Graphic Design work is often thought of as purely visual solution to problems, for which you would only need to have good aesthetic feel and knowledge of Adobe CC. I believe, that deep research and testing skills are also necessary for graphic designers. Having conducted research prior to visual execution may help improve customer’s understanding and the level of aesthetic perception of the final product.