UX Design

Codebar.io Redesign Process

Codebar.io is a community that lets one learn and teach coding and programming for free. It spans across a number of cities and is held every week in major cities like London. The service has already got a working website, with the general users’ (both new and existing) feedback pointing at a number of issues and pain points, which we were tasked to fix.

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VR Design

Puzzler | Mobile VR Game

For my Udacity VR Development course, I was designing, building and testing a mobile VR game called Puzzler.

The purpose of the experience is for the players to solve a puzzle upon entering a dark dungeon and thus to be able to exit it. We were also tasked to create this experience in a way that would be intuitive for users to understand, and easy to navigate through mobile device – without them having any previous experience in playing VR games.

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Card Game Design

The Crimean War | Card Game

The Crimean War is a historical educational card game that takes players back to 1853-56, and tells about interesting facts of the Crimean conflict between Russian, British, Ottoman and Second French Empires. To make a game entertaining and educational at the same time, we conducted research and user testing; and alongside with the deck of cards, we created cards with questions about really bizarre facts and events about the war.

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