Mobile VR Design

VR FPS | Mobile VR Game

VR FPS is a first player shooter game created for mobile VR. I joined the project in the end of January 2018, and was tasked to conduct usability testing to understand the level of engagement and clarity of a pre-game UI, as well as ease of use during the gameplay.

The game is available to download on Google Play Store, and was already installed by over 10,000 users.

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Mobile AR Design

PianoBoard | Learning Piano in AR

PianoBoard is a mobile AR experience that teaches one how to play piano. Using the VR headset with the passthrough camera view, the player would see the sequence of AR keys ‘falling’ onto the keyboard in a certain order and rhythm to let them practice piano.

I joined the project in February 2018, and was tasked to conduct a usability testing for the app, and improve its on-boarding and in-game UI.

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Card Game Design

The Crimean War | Card Game

The Crimean War is a historical educational card game that takes players back to 1853-56, and tells about interesting facts of the Crimean conflict between Russian, British, Ottoman and Second French Empires. To make a game entertaining and educational at the same time, we conducted research and user testing; and alongside with the deck of cards, we created cards with questions about really bizarre facts and events about the war.

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