Sep 16 2011

Creating a Retro Portrait in CorelDraw

In this tutorial I will tell you how to easily create a retro portrait in CorelDraw with a FreeHand Tool and Interactive Blend Tool. Click ‘Continue reading’ to find out more:

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Apr 17 2011

Transparancy without Transparancy Tool in CorelDRAW

Transparancy is a very beautiful effect that is nice to use for drawing tender floral backgrounds or patterns.

But for many microstocks you will have to upload 8-compatible .eps file, which means you can’t use Transparancy tool.

In this post I will tell how to create a transparancy effect not using Interactive Transparancy Tool in CorelDRAW.

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Dec 10 2010

Blend Tips for CorelDRAW

In this tutorial I will tell you about some tips of how to use Blend Tool in CorelDRAW.

Let’s first look at the picture below, where I used Blend Tool to draw flying hearts:

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