Nov 25 2010

Go RedBubble!

I recently wrote an article about where you can sell or purchase t-shirts with your designs. There were some questions from the readers of the blog on some particular websites, so I decided to write a few articles about them more in detail.

This article is all about RedBubble: what and how you can do there, my experience, community, etc.

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Sep 18 2010

Where Do I Sell or Buy T-Shirts With My Design?

After I have purchased one of the t-shirts with my print on, a lot of people started asking me where they could do the same.

It’s very easy: Today you can find many services online where you can print out your designs on different products. Here is the list of websites to create and purchase t-shirts:

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Aug 20 2010

New Sales on RedBubble :)

Hurray! Today I’ve got another T-shirt sold on RedBubble:)

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