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15 Most Popular Interviews on Anastasiia-Ku

It’s been one year since I have a blog. For this time I interviewed so many wonderful artists from different countries and backgrounds.

I noticed that some of these interviews are being very popular among Anastasiia-Ku’s readers, and many of the talented artists are bing consnstantly searched for. So, in order to make it easier and not to make anybody go throught the archaives, I am posting the selection of 15 most popular interviews on my blog.

(Click on the image thumbnail to read the interviews).

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Interview with Peter Smith

Today I am very exhited to interview Peter Smith, a UK based artist with a very cute and playful style, who has worked with the top companies such as Disney, Fox, Universal, the BBC and for Fox/UK on THE SIMPSONS.

In this interview you will meet Peter’s Impossimals – the lovliest creatures ever – and will read about his drawing experience.

So, let’s get started:

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