Dec 8 2012

Inspiration: Abram Games


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Oct 12 2012

Inspiration: William Morris

With this post I start a series of inspirational articles about artists and designers I find fascinating. Today’s inspiration is William Morris. Learn more at a jump:

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Jul 13 2012

Interview with Chud Tsankov the Founder of Imagetoons

 Today I am more than excited to interview Chudomir Tsankov – a founder of Imagetoons which is the new cartoon stock. Chud is a professional cartoonist, a humorous illustrator, a designer, a publisher and a producer, and in this interview will share his experience as well as will tell us more about his new project Imagetoons.
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Jul 9 2012

Interview with Tatiana Rusanovska

Today I am very happy to interview Tatiana Rusanovska – a very talented artist, a sucessfull iStockphotos contributor and a real nice and supportive person.

In this interview Tatiana will tell us about her artistic experiences, show her amazing artworks and share some tips on improving yourself as an artist.

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Jun 26 2012

Interview with Boris Zaytsev

Today I am very happy to interview Boris Zaytsev – a vector artist who developed a few fantastic styles that I all absolutely adore!

Boris is an exclusive iStockphoto contributor and an inspector. In this interview he will tell us about his drawing experience, and will share some tips on how to improve yourself selling your images on microstocks.

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Feb 7 2012

Interview with Nic Squirrell


Today I am very excited to interview a highly talented RedBubble artist Nic Squirrell!

In this interview Nic will tell about his artistic experience and share some tips on how tbecome more popular on RedBubble.

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Jun 4 2011

Interview with Ciubeica Andrei Marius

This time meet Andrei Marius – the author of VfofVectors and a popular vector tutorial writer on Vectortuts+ and other websites.

In this interview Andrei will share his experience in drawing and writing tutorials and will give some tips of how to imporve and organize yourself better.

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Jun 3 2011

15 Most Popular Interviews on Anastasiia-Ku

It’s been one year since I have a blog. For this time I interviewed so many wonderful artists from different countries and backgrounds.

I noticed that some of these interviews are being very popular among Anastasiia-Ku’s readers, and many of the talented artists are bing consnstantly searched for. So, in order to make it easier and not to make anybody go throught the archaives, I am posting the selection of 15 most popular interviews on my blog.

(Click on the image thumbnail to read the interviews).

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May 16 2011

Interview with Ievgen Poddubiienko (aka Onza)

Today I am very happy to interview Ievgen Poddubiienko (aka Onza), a Ukrainian based illustrator with a great slavic ethincal style!


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May 8 2011

Interview with Successful iStock Illustrator Tjaša Žurga


Today I am very happy to interview Tjaša Žurga (aka DrAfter123) – a very popular and very successfull iStock illustrator.

I am just in love with Tjaša’s conceptual images. Every illustration by Tjasa makes me stop for a while to look though its logical idea. All the mechanisms and schemes seem to move at the moment you look at them, as they are the part of the working organism that represent the main concept.

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