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5 Enhanced Downloads on Shutterstock:)

Anastasiia Ku / News  / 5 Enhanced Downloads on Shutterstock:)

5 Enhanced Downloads on Shutterstock:)


Wow! Never happened in that quantity before:)


Made my day:)

You can take a look at the images I sell on Shutterstock here or follow me on Shutterstock here (just press the green button “follow” under my profile picture).

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Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Eka

    Reply 07.05.2013 18:01

    Не перестаешь удивлять))) Кто-то затарился по-крупному!

  • demo

    Reply 08.05.2013 12:28

    it would make me happy for a week at least ;)

  • Jesús Sanz

    Reply 09.05.2013 00:32

    Hello Anastasiia. I’m glad to return to comment on your blog. Really it is very unusual, congratulations. But you’re doing a great job with your patterns. I think it works very well create a series from a single concept or idea.

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