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I Reached Silver on Vectorstock!

Anastasiia Ku / News  / I Reached Silver on Vectorstock!

I Reached Silver on Vectorstock!

Today I was very happy to find out that I reached silver level on Vectorstock!

It means that I sold 2500> files, and I will receive 35% of royalties for each file:)


You can have a look at my portfolio clicking on the image below:

My most sold image so far is this hearts pattern:


If you also want to sell on vectorstock and you have a large portfolio, you can send a ZIP with all your EPS files via FTP. You will not have to write name, description, keywords or crop and resize you JPG files, as everything will be done for you!

To sign up, go here. Press blue “Sign Up Now” button, fill in the form with your name, email and password – that’s it.

Before being able to sell images, submit a jpeg of some of your work and if it is suitable for sale on VectorStock you will be granted upload access.

If you want to become a Vectorstock contributor, but don’t know if your images are good enough, you can post the links to your images in the comment section, and I will help you with the critiques:)


Also, here is the table of statuses, downloads and percentage that you receive from your sales:

Rookie status

1 – 499 downloads 25% + 0% = 25%

Bronze status

500 – 2,499 downloads 25% + 5% = 30%

Silver status

2,500 – 9,999 downloads 25% +10% = 35%

Gold status

10,000 – 24,999 downloads 25% +15% = 40%

Platinum status

25,000 – 100,000 downloads 25% +20% = 45%


Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Carpathianprince

    Reply 12.03.2013 02:23

    Great job! I think I stayed away from this site because you have to change all your thumbnails and didn’t have the time.

    All your hard work is paying off,


      • Carpathianprince

        Reply 16.04.2013 17:31

        That’s good to know,
        I’ll keep that in mind

        Thanks for the tip Anastasiia!

  • Eka

    Reply 13.03.2013 15:10

    Поздравляю! Мне еще пилить до сербра и пилить)) Зато на Фотолии вот-вот))

    Хочу отметить, что дурацкий векторсток разрешает по своей расширенной лицензии размещать твои картинки на Зазле и прочих печатных сайтах. То есть это может сделать любой. Пришлось там большинство картинок закрыть для продаж по расшире.

    И еще не как не могу загрузить очередной батч из ста штук. Три попытки пошли прахом.

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