Got to Top 50 on Shutterstock

Yay! Not only my image became a free vector of the week last week, but it also is the second in top 50 images on Shutterstock:)


Over the last week I gained half as much followers as I had before. The maximum number of visitors of my portfolio – namely 127 people – was on Wednesday.


You can also view my gallery or purchase the rest of my images for cheap following this link.

And if you enjoy drawing vectors and would like to sell them online, you might find useful a few of my posts about microstocking:

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3 thoughts on “Got to Top 50 on Shutterstock”

  1. Hi Anastasiia,
    Every day I am more happy whit the results in Shutterstock, the best agency por my… ¡and my portfolio is only 110 images!
    I think you, with a portfolio whit more that 2,000 illustrations, must to be very satisfied with the work done, and to be optimistic about the future.

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