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Comparing Microstock Sales: December 2012 and December 2011


Time for another monthly report on my microstock sales:

Shutterstock earnings were a bit worse than in November and October, yet they were still considerably better than  in December 2011:


123RF and Redbubble showed improvement again, while other microstocks were a bit disappointing. I should add about 20% to the iStockphotos earnings due to the partners sales that I will know about more precisely in a month. Yet the standard license sales were way too low comparing to the previous months:


And which trends in sales do you have?


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You can have a look and purchase some of my images following these links:

my Shutterstock portfolio,

my iStock portfolio,

my Vectorstock portfolio.


If you want to contribute to any of microstocks, read this article and use the links below to sign up:
Shutterstock.com (sign up manual here);

iStockphoto.com (sign up manual here);

Vectorstock.com (sign up manual here);

Depositphotos.com; (sign up manual here);

Dreamstime.com (use this link to sign up);

Fotolia.com (sign up manual here):

123rf.com. (sign up manual here).


Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Jesús Sanz

    Reply 04.01.2013 16:18

    For me, in this Christmas days all agencies have suffered a great decline or slowdown in sales. Hopefully in the coming days sales begin to recover.

    Happy new year; that 2013 will be for you a time with lot of work and interesting projects.

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