My Funky Alphabet Got To The Lightbox Of The Month:)

Was so increadibly happy to see my image in the featured front page lightbox on Shutterstock today!

Thank you Eka Panova, for telling me about it:)

About half a year ago I had another image in a featured lightbox on Shutterstock, which obviously resulted in fairly good sales, and now too I can see an increase in downloads of this funky alphabet:

Not long ago I posted a tutorial on how I created this alphabet and how to draw a similar hand drawn textures in CorelDraw, so I was super excited to see my tutorial image on the front page:)

Take a look at the whole gallery here. If you also want to purchase my funky alphabet or other of my images for cheap, register on Shutterstock following this link.

You can also view my full gallery here.
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10 thoughts on “My Funky Alphabet Got To The Lightbox Of The Month:)”

  1. Я вот тоже нарисовала пару алфавитов, правда не вручную. И один из них чудесным образом попал на первые строчки по тэгу “алфавит”. Продается каждый день, иногда аж 2, 3, 4 раза за сутки))

    1. Ага – и у меня так же берут алфавиты. 1 сентября на носу, что ли.))
      А вчера эту купили больше, чем обычно – аж 7 целых раз))))))

  2. congratulations! This is an excellent illustration. I imagine reaching this place with one illustration will be a good support for your entire portfolio on Shutterstock.

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