New Phone Case Models on Zazzle

In this post I will tell you about new cases and skins for various phone models and other electronic devices, as well as some other new products on Zazzle. Learn more at a jump:

First of all, I’d like to say that Zazzle made the life for customers easier by making it possible to customize the design you like to any phone model by just clicking one button!

So, if you liked the following design, just click “CUSTMOMIZE IT” button under th edesign itself:

Then choose Style options to the right to your design, and choose the phone model you have:

Like Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

Also, when you visit someone’s store, and like a particular design, you can take a look at some other products with the same design if it has a note “SEE ON … PRODUCTS” below the design:

It might give you an option of an already existing product which is more suitable for you:

You can read more about how to upload your design and apply it to the product you like here.

Now, take a look at new products that appeared on Zazzle recently! Click on the images below to follow the link to the uploading page:

1. The huge variety of Samsung galazy cases:

2. HTC Cases:

3. Droid RAZR Cases:

4. iPad cases:

5. BlackBeryy Cases:

5. Kindle Cases:

6.Playing Cards:

7. Dart Boards:

8. Clocks:

9. Candy Jars:

Hope you found this useful!:)

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And always check for Zazzle Coupons for some good discounts for different products.

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