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Comapring Microstock Sales: July 2012 and July 2011

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Comapring Microstock Sales: July 2012 and July 2011

In this post I will compare my sales of July 2011 and MJuly2012 on Shutterstock, Vectostock and iStockphoto. Press “Continue Reading” to find out more:

Summer appeared to be not as active in sales growth comparing to the spring growth. Shutterstock maintained on the same level as in May, which is a bit disapointing, although it is still the highest level of earnings for me. iStock dropped in sales since April, and is almost twice less, whereas Vectorstock still shows a bit of a growth in earnings.

If comparing to sales in July 2011 – the time when I started microstocking full time – the sales in July 2012 are conciderably more:

As I mentioned before, since summer 2011, I started contributing to quite a few other microstocks. So I am adding the sales from those to the graph too. The microstocks marked red (“Other stocks”) on the table below are Depositphotos, 123rf, Dreamstime, Fotolia and two print selling websites Zazzle and Redbubble:

If compare the percentage of earning from different stocks for July 2012, it will look like the following, with Shutterstock leading:

Which trends in sales have you guys noticed? Would you like anything to be added to my statistics? Please share your ideas in the comment section below:)

You can have a look and purchase some of my images following these links:

my Shutterstock portfolio,

my iStock portfolio,

my Vectorstock portfolio.


If you are not contributing to any of Photobanks but would like to, read this article and use the links below to sign up:
Shutterstock.com (sign up manual here);

iStockphoto.com (sign up manual here);

Vectorstock.com (sign up manual here);

Depositphotos.com; (sign up manual here);

Dreamstime.com (use this link to sign up);

Fotolia.com (sign up manual here):

123rf.com. (sign up manual here).


You can also support this website donating, just click the button below and donate any amount of money. If you do it within June, you will get my Selling Vectors Tips manual of 84 pages, that explains some tips about what to draw for microstocks, how to increase sales, and promote your work properly.

Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Gagu

    Reply 01.08.2012 10:35

    Hello there,

    Greeting from Indonesia.
    I bookmarked your web as soon as I found you. This is the most inspiring website for new microstocker like me. I started signing up to Shutterstock on March 2012 and only got $25 up to now. I wonder if you have tips to increase my sales. Here is my portfolio. http://www.shutterstock.com/g/gagu

    And I also applied to other 8 agencies. Which one is better? focus uploading on 1 agency or all those 9 at the same time?

    Thanks Anna
    I have read almost all of your articles here and will follow some very good tips from you :-)

  • Gagu

    Reply 01.08.2012 18:05

    Thank you. So you are suggesting one agency at a time, not brutally join 9 agencies like my strategy today?

  • Gagu

    Reply 02.08.2012 18:33

    Arrrghhh…I cannot log in to my shutterstock account. My password is considered wrong, so I change it but any time I reset the password there are always 2 notifications telling that I change my password. I log in again and the result is the same…..I lost it. Do you have experience dealing with this? a bad guy out there is ruining my happiness :-(

      • Henrik

        Reply 03.08.2012 15:23

        Good luck with this. Hope you have resolved this bug soon.

  • Henrik

    Reply 03.08.2012 15:24

    Very interesting and well done statistic! I am surprised to see a higher income at Redbubble then Zazzle.

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