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Shortcut Keys for Pick Tool in CorelDraw

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Shortcut Keys for Pick Tool in CorelDraw

In a recent post I described the shortcut keys for arranging objects in CorelDraw, as well as listed the whole number of shortcuts. Today I will share a quick tip for using shortcuts with Pick Tool in CorelDraw, and will tell you where you can find the whole list of shortcuts in your CorelDraw. Learn more at a jump:

Knowing Shortcuts for Pick Tool will help you in creating symmetric images, as it is very handy in symmetrically rotatingand flipping objects.

To draw a square out of a rectanlge and a circle out of an oval hold Ctrl:

To scale an object 2 times, drag its corner holding Ctrl:

To flip the object, drag its side holding Ctrl:

To rotate object 15 degrees, set the centre of rotation (click on object and move the centre), and rotate it holding Ctrl:

To symmetrically make the object wider, drag its side holding Shift:

To rotate the object around its centre and at the same time change its size, rotate it holding Shift:

To resize object keeping its centre in the same place, drag the scales holding Shift:


So, to see the whole list of Shurtcut keys, go to Tools => Options [Ctrl+J]:

Choose Customization => Commands in the left docker:

Select Shortcut Keys among the tabs on the right, and click View All on the bottom:

So here you will see the whole list of shortcut keys in CorelDraw:


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Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Ariel Garaza Diaz

    Reply 28.07.2012 17:07

    Great tutorial, Anastasiia! Simple, complete and with good illustrations. I just want to add that there’s more options available. For example, on “To rotate object 15 degrees, set the centre of rotation (click on object and move the centre), and rotate it holding Ctrl” you can change the constrain angle on Tools / options. Also, when you make a mirror (To flip the object, drag its side holding Ctrl) if you enlarge the object holding Ctrl the size is twice the original or more (adding 100% of the size each time). Ctrl+Click allows you to edit a powerclip, and Cltr+click on an empty area exit from powerclip. Ctrl+click on a group select an individual object of the group, Ctrl+Alt+click select an object behind other inside a group, Alt+Click select an object behind other, Alt+Click on powerclip select the content of the powerclip. On clicl select the object, a second click allows to rotate or skew, an double click over OVER the Pick Tool select all objects on the page… Double click over the rectangle tool create a rectangle around the page (page frame), but if you select some objects and hold Ctrl+double click over the rectangle tool, ir create a boundary rectangle around the selected objects… and of course, there’s a lot more!!!

    Best Regards!

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