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Interview with Chud Tsankov the Founder of Imagetoons

 Today I am more than excited to interview Chudomir Tsankov – a founder of Imagetoons which is the new cartoon stock. Chud is a professional cartoonist, a humorous illustrator, a designer, a publisher and a producer, and in this interview will share his experience as well as will tell us more about his new project Imagetoons.
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Hi Chud, tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from? What do you do?

Hi Anastasiia and all fan and readers.
I’m from Pleven medium size city from Bulgaria and from years I’m living in Chicago, USA. Mostly today I’m feeling line citizen of the world and live couple of months in Chicago, USA and Bulgaria. I’m engaging Graphic Designer, Drawing, Producing, Publishing and Digital Marketing. Soon from my new stock agency ImageToons were I offer the best Artists from worldwide.
My great passion is the drawing and I’m very happy that today I can work this on full-time. I’ve been many problems and obstacles till I get to here. That’s why I will go back in time to tell you for my path to art and my American dream come true:
I’m drawing from when I remember from earlier childhood. As kid I was fascinated from animation and stay in front of the TV sketching heroes. In that time my home country Bulgaria was in communist regime and give very little animation on the only channel we had. First to break the communist wall Mickey Mouse and after it The Flintstones, The Pink Panther and other. I was on the 7 sky from happiness and stayed in front the TV with hours sketching all animations.
From then there is my love for the American culture and America.
In school I wasn’t very good expect in the art classes. I learned very easy but wasn’t interesting what they teached and was drawing in class and all my notebooks were drawed fully with cartoon heroes. When they punished me for this but I didn’t give a shit and continue drawing everywhere notebooks, bags, wall and other.
In this time I fell in love with comics as my only comic that was selling in Bulgaria was the French Pif Gadget and lately the Bulgarian Rainbow.
I got in line every week for Pif because it has limited copies and stayed in front the booth with newspapers with hours till I bought it I was shaking with excitement and when I get home with it I was looking thought it with hours and re-drawing many times. On the school holidays I was spending my time in home and in libaries and drawing cartoons and reading books from Main Reid Carl Main others and dreamed for America.
Growing up in the years my passion for comics and animation was everywhere with me even in my high school and Military that was mandatory. In the military I was punished for my drawings and I remember I was most punished for having my first American Comic Captain America. After firing myself from Military I created 2 short animation movies in studios Pleven Film with I got many awards.
In that time I was adult an was laught many times for these my hobbies but it didn’t stop but and helped me inspire draw more. In that time came the end of communism and break all lies that were told in school and from medias prepared to make us governed by a humble worker in the socialist system.
After that in the earlier 90s came the internet and I started to draw and scan to make my illustrations digital. I created one of my first company that was working with advertising and after I created my first Publishing House that started to publish on Bulgarian language the first American Comics like Spawn, The Creech, Spider-Man and others. Lately started my trips and immigration for Canada and America.
First it started from 2002-2003 in Toronto,Canada then I moved in Chicago, USA. In that time in America I was working everything and mostly in construction in Chicago for 4 years was carpenter and making porch and edition on houses. The work was very heavy but didn’t stop me and for 4 years I was working 12 hours as carpenter and when I get home I continue drawing in my home stuido. In these 4 years I slept only 4 hours to work the 2 things at once. In one time the illustration became many and I started to try selling them digital that I signed contract with stock agencies.
First I signed with ClipArtOf and after that with many more. I one time they started selling a lot and I become a full-time illustrator and that made me very happy. I could now live everywhere in the world fully drawing as freelancer. But the work increased a lot and had to include my wife that quited worked and started working with me. In that time my son was learning and working with me and when finished High School joined us fully.
And that’s how all started.
How long have you been selling microstock and stock?
I started first in 2008 and later I joined in the most microstock agencies and all started very good for me.

When did you decide to create your own stock? How did this idea come to you?
This idea came is from very long when the internet started I saw many websites and on my friend Vlad Kolarov that we draw comic strip on the Bulgarian newspapers in the earlier 90s. He immigrate before me in Vancouver Canada were he started his first agency and site etoon.com from there is my idea for stock agency with best artists.

You ve already tried yourself in creating another project http://www.hittoon.com/ . How did it go?
HitToon is not fully mine he is created with the best people behind ClipArtOf and became very successful and selling very good even today.
How is your new project Imagetoons.com different from other stocks? What makes it interesting for contributors and buyers?
ImageToons is stock agency that offer picked the best artists from worldwide that make it unique for contributors and buyers.

The pricing on Imagetoons is somewhat higher than those on microstocks. Why so? What are the liscencing principles on Imagetoons?
Our prices are normal with the other stock agencies but currently we are in process of working there will be filling with the prices and options that will be avaible in the fall.
Currently ImageToons is Royalty-Free but all is about to happen.

Imagetoons is a non-exclusive stock. Will there be an option to get exclusive in future?
Currently is non-exclusive and in future there will be no option for exclusive.
I think these times with exclusive in one agency is already died and to be successful in this hyper-competitive world filled with creativity and many talents you have to be in many agencies.

What type of contributors is needed for Imagetoons?
ImageToons need talented illustrators with big portfolio and love drawing and making new every week.
Imagetoons is a stock with a variety of illustrations. Will there be a possibility for photographers to become Imagetoons’ contributors?
No, we currently don’t plan for photographers.

Will there be a referral programme to attract contributors and buyers?
Yes, there will be we are still working on it stay tuned in the next months.

Is there any Imagetoons community for contributors to discuss different issues, participate in contests, promote their images, etc?
We currently don’t have one in the website but we have group in Facebook.
In future we make forum in the end variant of the website.

Is there any rating system for contributors?
Yes, there will be many options and the contributors and buyers in the end will be available.
This is all from me follow us on the website, blog and social media to be informed on our changes are about to happen.
Stay tuned!

Thank you for the interview Chud! and good luck with your new project!


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Anastasiia Kucherenko


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    Reply 01.08.2012 09:52

    Hi, I am crazy about cartoon and would love to join Imagetoons. Do help me get invited please :-). Thank you

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