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Interview with Tatiana Rusanovska

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Interview with Tatiana Rusanovska

Today I am very happy to interview Tatiana Rusanovska – a very talented artist, a sucessfull iStockphotos contributor and a real nice and supportive person.

In this interview Tatiana will tell us about her artistic experiences, show her amazing artworks and share some tips on improving yourself as an artist.

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Hello Tatiana, could you tell our readers a bit about yourself? Where are you from and what do you do?

Hello Anastasia and readers. Well, originally I am from picturesque and sunny Poltava region in Ukraine. I started my studies at an Art School in my hometown Kremenchug. My first teachers were very talented artists who constantly keep us in a high “artistique” tone. I always thank them for that. Then there was a choice where to continue my art education, so I went to Kyiv.

I have graduated as Industrial Designer at the College of Fine Arts and Design in 1993. Nowadays, it is Kyiv Institute of ine Arts and Design. Again, all of my teachers were interesting artists themselves and they taught me some old school methods as well as new progressive techniques. My homeroom teacher in college was Vitaly Sivko, who was a prominent sculptor in Ukraine. You could see his works all over Kyiv, for example statue of Great Duchess Olga at St. Michael Square or sculpture of Pronya Prokopovna and Svirid Golohvastov, from the famous play “Chasing Two Rabbits” near Andriyivskyy Descent. We (students) could not only rely on his professional opinion, but also get a good advise for any kind of life situation. So I could say that I’m lucky having such nice teachers.

Upon graduating I moved to St. Petersburg, Russia where I worked as an Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator with diverse media and techniques. I participated in art shows such as ”White Nights” and various exhibitions as a fine artist.

Since 2003, I live and work as a freelance illustrator and a graphic designer in Greater Toronto Area, Canada. It was a new country and new world. I had my second son born in 2005 and I was looking for ways to work and be at home, so that’s how I found out about iStockphoto in 2006. Since then I have got a stocker bug :)

Which software and tools do you use to create your stock images?

May be some will laugh, but I love and still use FreeHand. That is my core software I use. Sure I have to use Illustrator and Photoshop for fine-tuning my files. Not to mention a pencil and a paper J. My husband recently made me a present – a Bamboo stylus for iPad with Adobe Ideas app. So now I am exploring new possibilities of vector drawing on the go.

Which is your favourite illustrating technique?

Well, I like work in retro-decorative, craft technique. Flat, simplified shapes and lines. Personally, I love Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles so its techniques are appealing to me too.

You are an exclusive iStockphoto contributor, have you ever considered contributing to other stocks? Why? / Why not?

Yes, now I am exclusive, but when I started I was working with few stocks. Why? In my opinion, exclusivity at iStockphoto let me work within my own stable pace and my particular style. Whereas before I had to upload tons of  “suppose-to-be-trendy” stuff to get bits and pieces in return. I was exhausted at some point. However, I know that some stockers prefer to work with many stocks and take by volume. That’s their choice.

I love how lively the colours on your images are! Do you have any rules to combine colours or they just go there naturally?

Hmm. Thank you for your nice words. No rules :) it’s all coming naturally, I guess. Actually, working with colours is best stage of any project. Painting was my favourite subject in school and I always liked combining colours and see how this or that combination will work.

Have you got any favourite palettes?

If you recall a central Ukrainian traditional painting, you will recognize some of that in my work: bright, clean and sunny colours. It all depends on the picture and what I want to say – its mood, character, season… etc.

Which of your images is your favourite? Why?

I can’t say that I can pick any work in particular. They are all like kids. You love them all individually. So readers have a choice of choosing my favourite work J.

You are a very successful iStock illustrator, would you share some tips of how to reach this much success in micro-stocking?

Thank you for your compliments. My advice would be, as Americans says, “Stick to your guns!” I mean do what ever you do best and if you still do not know what it is try different styles techniques and you will feel what is yours. So that – stick to it! Most of all you have to love what do you do and that will be noticed for sure.

Thank you for the interview Tatiana :) Would you suggest any advices to the aspiring artists on developing themselves

Thank you Anastasia for your questions. I would say that my previous answer somehow touched that. I would also recommend learn, to experiment all the time. Don’t be afraid to switch to new work if you can’t finish the first, as one of my teachers have said: “If you are drawing a square many times and can’t get it right – take a blank sheet of paper and start drawing a circle. Then you will get you square right!”

Again, thanks so much for your questions and time. I hope it was interesting and if anyone has a question or comments please feel free to contact me.


Please take a closer look at Tatiana’s work:

Tatiana’s iStockphoto portfolio is here.

Tatiana’s website is here.

Anastasiia Kucherenko

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