How to Draw USA Flag in CorelDraw

In this tutorial I will tell you how to easily create the American flag in CorelDraw:

Select 3 colours you are going to use in your flag: white/whitish, red/redish, blue/bluesh:

Select Rectangle Tool and draw red rectangle:

Select Rectangle tool to draw 1 white narrow rectanlge on top of red rectangle. Keep the same width of the rectangles. Copy white rectangle and paste it to the bottom side of the red rectangle. Group them both, then select the group of white rectangles and red rectangle and press C to align centres vertically:

Ungroup white stripes, select Blend tool and apply blend to the stripes:

The number of steps for the blend automatically is set to 20. You will need to change it to 4 in the Blend properties docker on the right:

Select rectangle tool to draw blue rectangle the height of which is 4 red stripes+3white stripes. To align blue rectangle to red rectangle by top and left side, select them both and press T and L:

Select Star Tool (Polygon=> Star) to draw a star, hold Ctrl to make it symmetrical:

Select 5 points in Star Tool properties docker on top:

Place one star on top left corner, copy it and paste the copy to the top right side. For them to be aligned by bottoms, select them both and press B:

Blend them with 4 steps using Interactive Blend Tool; right click on the blend group and break blend group apart:

Group the whole line of stars, copy and paste to the bottom of the blue rectangle. Select both lines and press L to align them by the left side. Group both lines, select the group and blue rectangle and press C and E to align them by ccentres vertically and horizontally. Ungroup everything:

Select blend tool and blend top and bottom lines of stars (the stars in each line grouped) with 3 steps. Break blend group apart, and ungroup all lines, so the stars are individual ungrouped objects:

Copy 1 star and paste it in the middle of stars 1, 2, 3, and 4 (like shown below). To align the star nicely, group stars 1, 2, 3, and 4; select the group and the fifth star and press C and E:

Do the same with the star on the right side. Blend them with 3 steps. Break blend group apart:

Create the bottom stars line in the same way:

Group the star lines and blend them with 2 steps. Break blend group apart:

Colour all stars in white and you ll get a nice USA flag created in Coreldraw:

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


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