Shortcut Keys for Pick Tool in CorelDraw

In a recent post I described the shortcut keys for arranging objects in CorelDraw, as well as listed the whole number of shortcuts. Today I will share a quick tip for using shortcuts with Pick Tool in CorelDraw, and will tell you where you can find the whole list of shortcuts in your CorelDraw. Learn more at a jump:

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Interview with Chud Tsankov the Founder of Imagetoons

 Today I am more than excited to interview Chudomir Tsankov – a founder of Imagetoons which is the new cartoon stock. Chud is a professional cartoonist, a humorous illustrator, a designer, a publisher and a producer, and in this interview will share his experience as well as will tell us more about his new project Imagetoons.
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Interview with Tatiana Rusanovska

Today I am very happy to interview Tatiana Rusanovska – a very talented artist, a sucessfull iStockphotos contributor and a real nice and supportive person.

In this interview Tatiana will tell us about her artistic experiences, show her amazing artworks and share some tips on improving yourself as an artist.

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