Drawing with Inkling for Microstocks (II)

In the previous post I described how to adjust doodles made with Inkling for the microstock sales. Today I continue with the second method, that I found useful for myself:

So, create a sketch with objects having closed outlines. Open it in Sketch manager and export to Adobe Illustrator:

After that save the file in .eps format and open it in Coreldraw.

As the sketch is not precise when opened in any vector editting programme, some of the outlines will be not closed:

Simply add some lines or incert some objects so there is a visually closed shape:

Select Smart Fill Tool and fill in all of the visually closed shapes:

Weld all the objects into one object, and you will finally get a funky image like this:

I created the whole set of funky monsters that can be bought on Shutterstock:

Also, having them as welded objects made it easy to create a seamless pattern like this:


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