Signing Up To Shutterstock (New Look)

Shutterstock have recently changed their interface, and thus when signing up you might find it a bit different from what I explained previously here. Learn more at a jump:

So, to sign up, click here or on the image below:

The new window will pop up. It will say Shutterstock Contributor on top. You will have to write down your name (like in your ID), email, password for your Shutterstock account and Date of birth. Tick “I agree” and click “Create an account”:

You will then have to verify your email address. Write down your email in the field asked, and you will shortly receive a mail with a link to verify your account:

After verification, you will be asked to choose Upload Photos, Upload Illustrations/Vectors or Upload Footage. Select the second one if you are an illustrator/vector artist.

Then you will be asked to upload your ID – Passport, where it should state your name in Latin alphabet, your photo, the country of your residence, date of your birth. Normally the front page of your Passport will do, but if you include multiple pages, be sure they are included in 1 file:

Having uploaded your ID, give it a few days to be verified. After it s been checked, you will be asked to send 10 images for the exam. Try to show the best of your work, preferably showing the variety of styles and techniques. The images should be at least 4.0 megapixels (ie 2000 x 2000 px, or it can be 1500 x 2500 px, etc. I just keep the shortest side 2000 px, which will perfectly do):

To be able to get payment, in your account settings you will also be asked to provide full details of your address:

On the same page you will have to write down your email, and phone number. You will be also asked to choose a Payout Method, which can be Check by Mail, PayPal and Moneybookers – and write down your PayPal or Moneybookers email.

Post-Soviet countries should either use Moneybookers or Check. I suggest to use Moneybookers, as getting a check is a really long procedure.

In the section “How did you find out about us”, you may write “From Anastasiia Kucherenko, ID 102853″.

Then you are asked to classify your level of professionalism in drawing/photographing. You can use any, really, it doesn’t matter.

Tick “Illustrator” under “Which of these describe you”:


Well, that’s it. Hope it wal helpful. If anyone needs any help of the exam images, feel free to contact me:)


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You can also purchase my Selling Vectors Tips manual of 84 pages, that explains some tips about what to draw for microstocks, how to increase sales, and promote your work properly. The price of the manual is $39.

If you are interested in purchasing the manual click the Donate button below and donate $39+, stating Selling Vectors Manual in the topic, and adding your valid email address, so shortly after receiving a donation I will send you the manual in .pdf to your email.

7 Responses to “Signing Up To Shutterstock (New Look)”

  • Julie Says:

    I try signing up for the contributor form but they required me to fill up the w7 ben form since i m a non us citizen as well.
    Do I need to apply for ITIN number when filling up the w7 form??
    Does other microstock like fotolia and dreamtimes, etc required the same procedure and ITIN number as well?
    Deeply appreciate for your help.


    Pls help

  • Julie Says:

    I am from Malaysia. My country does not tax withholding treaty with the US, thus i am unsure of the payment structure. Do u have any clue on how to fill up the W7 form? I found some info about it, but most of them are different in their own ways and i am unsure which method is the correct way to fill the form.
    Do u have 30% withholding tax on yr sales in shutterstock if u do not have ITIN no??

    Thank you.

  • Julie Says:

    Sorry for replying late. I was expecting that you are going to reply by next week.
    Thank you for the Tips and the links.

    Anyway, what is the difference between W7 and W8 form?? Is W7 form for local US residents only and W8 for non-US residents?

    I remember zazzle also required contributor to fill in the W8 form too.

    • Anastasiia Kucherenko Says:

      Julie, I really dont know what the difference is between W7 and W8.
      But if you fill W8 for Zazzle then you ll have to do the same W8-ben form for other stocks as well:)

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