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  1. I try signing up for the contributor form but they required me to fill up the w7 ben form since i m a non us citizen as well.
    Do I need to apply for ITIN number when filling up the w7 form??
    Does other microstock like fotolia and dreamtimes, etc required the same procedure and ITIN number as well?
    Deeply appreciate for your help.


    Pls help

    1. Hi Julie!
      You will have to fill in w7 form later on, after the exam and before the first payout. So you have a couple of months.
      I didnt have any ITIN number.
      Which country are you from?

      1. Funny? I sent my reply here yesterday, but it is not published here. I am from Malaysia anyway.
        Do u have any tips on how to fill up the w7 ben form?

        1. Hi Julie, take a look at this jpg I found on the internet http://www.modernstreet.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/w8-sample.jpg
          This is the sample how I did the W 8Ben form. APparently I did w8, not w7. I guess you should do the same.

          And I do have withholding tax for images sold in the US, yes.
          And I do not have ITIN and dont fill in that box on the form.
          In point 10 I wrote the No of article and the % according to Ukraine-US tax treaty. I dont know for Malaysia, sorry :( You can try to google it maybe?

  2. I am from Malaysia. My country does not tax withholding treaty with the US, thus i am unsure of the payment structure. Do u have any clue on how to fill up the W7 form? I found some info about it, but most of them are different in their own ways and i am unsure which method is the correct way to fill the form.
    Do u have 30% withholding tax on yr sales in shutterstock if u do not have ITIN no??

    Thank you.

  3. Sorry for replying late. I was expecting that you are going to reply by next week.
    Thank you for the Tips and the links.

    Anyway, what is the difference between W7 and W8 form?? Is W7 form for local US residents only and W8 for non-US residents?

    I remember zazzle also required contributor to fill in the W8 form too.

    1. Julie, I really dont know what the difference is between W7 and W8.
      But if you fill W8 for Zazzle then you ll have to do the same W8-ben form for other stocks as well:)

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