How to Save Vectors for Microstock Sale

In this post I will tell you how to save your vectors from CorelDraw for microstock sale. Learn more at a jump:

So you have your final image ready for export:

For microstocks, such as Shutterstock, iStockphoto, and others, you will need an .EPS file and a .JPG file.

The minimum size of uploaded .JPG images is 4.0MP. This means the file has to be minimum 2000 x 2000 pixels. I just keep the shortest side 2000 pixels.

So, press Ctrl+E, or go to File >Export:

Name it; choose the type of image – JPG – JPEG Bitmaps > Export:

You will see the Export to JPEG properties, where you have to make sure the image is RGB, of the highest quality, resolution 300, the shortest side minimum 2000 pixels. Click “OK”:

After this you ll get back to your page again, click Ctrl+E, or go to File > Export; fill in THE SAME name, and as a type of image choose .EPS. Next you will see this window:

Select/tick the properties like above.

Now you have 2 files with the same name, but 2 different extentions – JPG and EPS.

They are ready to be submitted for microstocks to sell:)

Find out more about how to UPLOAD IMAGES TO SHUTTERSTOCK here.


NOTE: if you use gradients in CorelDraw, they will rasterize if opened in other vector editing programmes, so to avoid rejections on microstocks for a “bitmaps” reason, you should either use flat colours only, or resave an .EPS in Adobe Illustrator.

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