Create Funky Alphabet in CorelDraw

In this post I will tell you how to create a few sets of funky fonts at a time. Learn more at a jump:

First, create a sketch of convex letters and import it onto a new page in CoreDraw:

Select FreeHand Tool (F5) and trace the outlines of the letter:

You may want to adjust outlines removing unneded nodes:

Select all outlines and and make them wider. I made them 2 pt wide, you may choose any other width depending on the size of your object:

Convert outlines to objects, and apply Shaping > Weld, so they make 1 object:

Select Smart Fill Tool and apply it to the inside areas of the object.

You will get something like this:

Now colour the filled in objects the colour you need (image 2 below) and remove outline-object (image 3 below).

The whole process was based on 3 steps, each of which can be concidered as a final result:

Thus, in this quick tip you learnt how to create 3 different types of funky fonts:)

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