Reached Bronze Level On iStockphoto!

These anatomical icons were the image that made it to the Bronze:) Click “Continue reading” to find out more about my iStock experience:

iStockphoto is the oldest microstock and has the highest criteria for accepting images. I am very happy to be among iStockers, as its membership already qualifies you as a professional vector artist:)

I have been contributing to iStockphoto for over a year now, and must say I am completely satisfied with this microstock. It started selling images straight away, and is selling more as the portfolio grows.

Most downloaded image is:

Most viewable image is:

Lightboxes appeared to be very helpful, as some of them were visited quite a lot, and thus I believe that helped in selling some images:

Read here how to create lightboxes on iStockphoto.

Join iStockphoto, a step by step manual, can be read here.


If you are not contributing to any of Photobanks but would like to, read this article and use the links below to sign up: (sign up manual here); (sign up manual here); (sign up manual here);; (sign up manual here); (use this link to sign up); (sign up manual here): (sign up manual here).


You can also purchase my Selling Vectors Tips manual of 84 pages, that explains some tips about what to draw for microstocks, how to increase sales, and promote your work properly. The price of the manual is $39.

If you are interested in purchasing the manual click the Donate button below and donate $39+, stating Selling Vectors Manual in the topic, and adding your valid email address, so shortly after receiving a donation I will send you the manual in .pdf to your email.

2 thoughts on “Reached Bronze Level On iStockphoto!”

  1. Hi Anastasiia,
    I return to this previous post as I am lately especially interested in Istockphoto. I have my artwork in various microstocks agencies, but I think istockphoto perhaps the most successful, I really feel they are very professional, although sometimes I feel disappointed to see rejected some illustration I consider good. For me, economically, it is the second agency behind shutterstock.

    I also believe have a quality portfolio at istock can help make in the future the leap to sell some artwork in Getty, which I think can be a wonderful opportunity for an illustrator.

    I have some doubts about istockphoto; I dont know if this is the appropriate place to ask them to you. There are:
    When you reach the Bronze level? It is from two hundred downloads?
    From that time, the commission artist increases?

    I really see that some artists have exclusive images with them, and the priced of some of they illustrations are higher than usual. I think an artist can not have only some files exclusively with them, but you have to be exclusively the entire portfolio. It’s something I have to investigate.

    I do not want to remove pi portfolio of other agencies also are working and give visibility to the work.

    Thank you very much, and continues doing such a good job of creating and broadcasting.

    1. Hi Jesus! Thank you for your comment and all your compliments:)))
      To me iStock remains second after Shutterstock too.
      About iStock levels, after you ve had 250 downoloads, you get to the Bronze level.
      I don’t think the comission increases though. Well, every time I sell something I get a different comission, so I never know about if it has increased really.
      The Bronze level lets me upload 20 images per week, unlike before, when I could only submit 18 images.
      As for exclusivity: you cant have separate images exclusive, BUT if you are doing photos, or logos, or audios, or flash, you can go exclusive for just one of these. Like you can upload vectors to other agencies, and photos to iStock only, and then you ll be an exclusive photographer, and non-exclusive vector artist.

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