My Design Won in Oxfam Grow Challenge!

I am so excited! Yay!

Update: my design was chosen by the jury as the winner and will be the logo of the Grow cmpaign by Oxfam!!!!!!!!

So excited!!! Hurraaaaaaah!!!


There were 177 wonderful designs that took part in the contest, and I am very greatful to everybody who voted for my tshirt! You can have a look at the voting page here.

This is the first round of the challenge though. There will be the second one, where judges will select the final winner from the top 20 designs.

Just to remind, this t-shirt design challenge is to help raise awareness for their GROW campaign. GROW is about the 1 billion people who go to bed hungry each night, it’s about food: food production and distribution and food insecurity. GROW strives for equality, sustainability and a re-imagining of the food system – to one where we can grow, eat, and live in a better way.

The winning design will be the one that best encapsulates the GROW campaign and creatively demonstrates the ideas behind GROW and helps draw attention to this important cause.


Oxfam will select the final winners based on how they demonstrate:

– An understanding of the GROW campaign and issues surrounding the global food system

– A creative interpretation of the brief and a visually stunning design

You do not need to use the logos, or the words ‘Oxfam’ or ‘Grow’ in your design, in fact designs that graphically deal with the brief without logos would be preferable.


The prizes for the contest are:

First Prize:

– Author’s design & biography will be featured in the Oxfam online store for the duration of the campaign. All proceeds will go to help feed families throughout the world.

– RedBubble will buy a buffalo on the author’s behalf.
– $200 RedBubble voucher for the winner
– A feature on our RedBubble Facebook page

Second, Third & Fourth Prizes:

– RedBubble will purchase Water for 3 schools on behalf of 2nd, 3rd & 4th places.
– $50 RedBubble voucher
– A feature on our RedBubble Facebook page

Sixteen Runners up:

– RedBubble will purchase Five ducks & Eleven chickens on behalf of the 16 runners up.


Good luck to all contestants:) Fingers crossed for the next round:)

7 thoughts on “My Design Won in Oxfam Grow Challenge!”

    1. Спасибо, Катя)) ну, там еще же второй тур будет. Но мне все равно очень приятно)))

  1. молодец! круто! а еще понравились подарки для школ (от буйвола до уток) :)

  2. ах, еще и второй))) удачи!
    мне вот на спуне опять не повезло – заняла третье место. Ну, никак до первого не дотянуть. Но все равно, чуток раскрутилась)

    1. я не знала что ты на спуне учавствовала! ты же ссылки давай – буду голосовать!

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