Comapring Stock Sales: April 2012 and April 2011

In this post I will compare my April sales of 2011 and 2012 on Shutterstock, Vectostock and iStockphoto. I will also add a comparative table with the sales from all other microstocks I started contributing to in 2011. Press “Continue Reading” to find out more:

I am very excited to see that for all of three microstocks the sales have been 3-4 times better in April 2012 comparing to April 2011, which once again proves that if you work on your portfolio you will soon see the results:

As since summer 2011, I started contributing to quite a few other microstocks, I desided to share the sales from those too. The microstocks marked red on the table below are Depositphotos, 123rf, Dreamstime, Fotolia and two print selling websites Zazzle and Redbubble, which altogether made the same amount of earnings as Shutterstock, iStock and Vectorstock in April 2011:

The sales chart between all microstocks I am contributing to looks like this:

Shutterstock is obviously the leading microstock taking up to two thirds of all sales. Over the last few months, I found iStock, 123rf, Depositphotos and Vectorstock sales growing rapidly, so hopefully they will become a good sourse of income in future. Fotolia and Dreamstime are not doing very well, at the moment, that even print selling places such as Redbubble and Zazzle earn more.

Which trends in sales have you guys noticed? Would you like anything to be added to my statistics? Please share your ideas in the comment section below:)

You can have a look and purchase some of my images following these links:

my Shutterstock portfolio,

my iStock portfolio,

my Vectorstock portfolio.


If you are not contributing to any of Photobanks but would like to, read this article and use the links below to sign up: (sign up manual here); (sign up manual here); (sign up manual here);; (sign up manual here); (use this link to sign up); (sign up manual here): (sign up manual here).


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9 thoughts on “Comapring Stock Sales: April 2012 and April 2011”

  1. Congratulations for your progress and good sales.
    I am excited to read about this. My portfolio is still very small and the effort I make in microstock is not continued. However I also feel that the sales increase lately. Especially in Shutterstock and GraphicRiver. I think you dont have upload yours illustration there. I recomend you investigate Graphicriver.

    1. Thank you Jesus:) It s always nice to read your comments;) I remember registering to Graphocriver, and even sending images for the exam, but they didnt like them for some technical issues, like wrong jpg size or wrong category, so after uploading the exam files for a few times, I just gave up on them :)

  2. Hi Anastasiia,
    the link to my portfolio at GraphicRiver is:
    It’s true that Graphicriver is more complicated than others microstocks agencies, because of the topic of categories and the different and very specific sizes of files that you must upload.
    You must upload your vector illustrations in the category of “vectors”.
    1. File “Name Preview.jpg” a file of 590 px width.
    2. “Name Thumbnail.jpg” a file of 80 x 80 px width.
    3. “Name” a folder with your file .Eps file .Ai and .Jpg
    4. It is not necesary but advisable “Name” folder with some partial views of your illustration in jpg files size 800 px wide, this files appear in screenshots.
    You can see for example this illustration
    it’s just patience. Once you’re inside, the appoval rate is high. Your work will have no trouble passing. If you have any specific question, please tell me. In GraphicRiver communication between authors is easy.
    Good luck.

    1. Thank you, Jesus! I will probably take a closer look at it again. I think it was actually you who recommended it to me the first time, no? :)
      If there are any referral links to be used, you can also share them in here as well:) Maybe somebody else would want to become their contributor!

  3. Hi Anastasiia,
    VectorStock, was the place that accepted my first illustration upload at a microstock agency. I went up eight images and for a log time I had no sale there. With this, I began to think about leaving this site. But I recently had three sales. In this post comparing sotck sales you put vectorstock the third place behind shutterstock and istockphoto, and that is why I decided to upload my latest illustrations at VectorStock and give this microstock more time. I have even ordered in various galleries as you explain in another post. Lots of thanks

    1. Hi Jesus!
      Vectorstock, indeed, became the 3d stock for me (now it goes together with 123rf and Depositphotos). Vectorstock took about a year of very slow sales, but after reaching Bronze, the sales became much better.
      I suggest you to upload via FTP; after the 2nd or 3d batch (100 eps files in each), the sales will start growing a bit.
      Also, give away a few files for free. Do it with the latest approved files, so they appear on the first page “By New”.:)
      Good luck!

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