Wacom Inkling Review

Wacom Inkling Review

I have finally got to play with an Inlink – a brand new Wacom device we receieved as a prize won in the Doodle challenge on RedBubble:)

This is a real great prize to win, and I couldn’t wait to reaceive and play with it!

The Inkling comes in a handy case with a paper-clip/receiver, 4 pen nibs and a USB cable. The case itself is a charger for both a pen and a receiver. You should first charge them both and install the Inkling software when charging.

After you charge a pen and a receiver, you can start doodling. Put the receiver on top or bottom of a page, and press the start button. Then, as the red light on the receiver changes into the green light, touch the surface of the paper with a pen till to top of the pen has the green light on. Now you can draw:)

Keep the distance between the receiver and the area you draw at least 2 cm:

Here is my doodle:

After you finished drawing, connect the receiver to your computer with the USB cable. Your drawing will open in Inkling Sketch Manager that you installed when charging the pen with the receiver. You will be able to see all your layers separately, as well as export your image into Photoshop and Illustrator, pressing Ps or Ai buttons on top:

The overall impression of an image I doodled without zooming details was quite good:

It was respective when opened in Photoshop as well, with all layers saved:

In Illustrator, when zoomed, the lines appeared thicker than they really are:

Elements are extremely overnoded, and you have to spend some time in Illustrator to get them simplified:

I found that the “fast” strokes were not overloaded with extra ancor points, so for vectors you should probably draw as quick as possible:))

Overall, I think it is more handy for drawing raster images and importing into Photoshop rather than doing vectors, as it might be easier to draw things straight away in Illustrator rather than edit them for too long afterwards.

Although I am still very satisfied with this beautiful thingy :)


  • Andrey

    Reply 04.04.2012 14:10

    cool cool cool
    I want to draw with inkling too

      • Andrey

        Reply 04.04.2012 14:39

        Don’t worry, I will draw

  • Julitorama

    Reply 11.04.2012 11:40

    Hey, my girlfriend has the inkling too, she tried the sketchbook designer for vectors and it simplify with less points than illustrator. I think you should try it!

  • busyok

    Reply 10.07.2012 14:48

    inkling…so cool.

  • Cherie

    Reply 20.08.2012 16:31

    Oh wow! This is swell!!

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