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Create Hand Drawn Textures in CorelDraw

In this post I will tell you how to create hand drawn textures in CorelDraw. Learn more at a jump:

Open a new file and Select FreeHand Tool:

Draw a closed shape that you want to apply texture on. I drew an English alphabet:

Color the shapes in a random colou:

Using FreeHand Tool draw some random lines on top of the object you want to apply texture on:

Select all the lines and go to Arrange > Convert Outline to Object:

Now as you have objects, not lines, you can weld them. To do so, select all the lines, go to Shaping > Weld:

Here is what your object will look like (notice that an object unlike lines has ancor points and its own outline):

Check if the lines object fully covers the object you need to texturize:

Now, as the lines object is placed on top of the needed shape, select them both and apply Back Minus Front (Shaping > Back Minus Front):

And voila:

Hope this tip was useful:) Please feel free to comment and ask questions in the comment section below!

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Anastasiia Kucherenko

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