Creating a Logo for Vini e Oli di Sicilia


Not so long Vini e Oli di Sicilia announced about the Logo contest for their company. In this post I will tell you about my entires, and the process of creating the logos. Learn more at a jump:

First of all, this is a Sicilian company Vini e Oli di Sicilia producing wine and olive oil, so the requirements were to create a logo that would depict 1) Sicily; 2) olive oil, 3) wine.

So I had to brainstorm the ideas and concepts coming across these 3 points.

For inspiration you can Google the images by the needed tag, in my case it was “Sicily”. To me the most noticeable associations with Sicily look like:

For olive oil and wine I was thinking about bottle, glass, olives, grapes.

Altogether this brought me to a few sketches:

I ended up with these three results:

1) Silhouettes of olives and grapes shaped like the map of Sicily:

2) The bottles of wine and olive oil with grapes and olives underneath, which share the same label with the map of Sicily on:

3) Sicilian Trinacria with Olives and Grapes in the middle:

All the logos can be used in one colour only and placed on a background on any colour as well.

Hope the judges like my designs :)

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