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Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Andrey

    Reply 21.03.2012 12:01

    Nice logo, could you show funny logo in mafia style?

  • Max

    Reply 01.04.2012 23:18

    Brilliant! I love your proposal (and Sicily) :D

      • Max

        Reply 07.04.2012 02:15

        My pleasure, Anastasiia : )

        As Andrey I am looking for mafia’s logos : )

          • Max

            09.04.2012 08:12

            Oh, thank you.

            I like it, very clever logo. I will ask to some (Sicilian) friends of mine what they think about the ‘Padrino’ style : D

            P.S.: “…Oli de Sicilia…” must read “…Oli di Sicilia…”

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