Reached the Highest Sales Level on Shutterstock! :)

Hurray! I am so so so pleased to see my total balance on Shutterstock to exceed $10,000, which means I reached the highest level of RF earnings per image. Learn more about Shutterstock earning levels at a jump:

After you’ve signed up to Shutterstock and uploaded your first images, you will earn $0.25 from each Subscription Download. You earnings per download grow with an increase in your total lifetime earnings. So, after you have earned $500, you will receive $0.33 per image; $3,000+ will give you £0.36 per download, and the highest level is reached by $10,000, which gives you $0.38 for each sold image:

This difference doesn’t look sagnificant at first, but when selling thousands of images each month, it brings some editional $$$, and bursts motivation anyway:)

There also are “On Demand” downloads, which are sold in a less quantity than Per-Day Subscription, but by a higher price:

Shutterstock recently launched new liscence: Sinlge Image on Demand, hich rates differently depending on your sales level as well:

Anyway, I am really excited to get to the highest level, as when I just signed up I thought it was unreal to reach it:)

In fact it appeared to be much easier than I expected. All you need is some technical skills on drawing or photographing and a clever approach to uploading images:)

If you want to sign up to Shutterstock, click here, and follow my blog to get some more of my tips on how to improve your microstock sales!

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11 thoughts on “Reached the Highest Sales Level on Shutterstock! :)”

  1. Congratulations Anastasiia,
    independently of the larger percentage of each sale, reach that number of sold images means that you have connected to the tastes and needs of many customers.
    I’m from few months at shutterstock, but can see sales increase even though my portfolio is still small and I’m not very consistent. I have some confidence to keep going but i must have patience and work hard in a personal style. I hope soon to collect my first money from shutterstock.
    I saw you left me –some time ago– a comment in the first image that istockphoto accepted for my. Thank you very much for all that. Have a good day.

    1. Thank you so much Jesus:)
      The most important (as I noticed from my experience) is to constantly upload images. If you work, it will definitely pay:)
      I wish you good luck in your microstocking!

    1. Thank you Andy:) Work every day improving your profile and you will pretty soon get to the same level:))

  2. Поздравляю! :)
    А сколько у тебя на это ушло времени? Не вплане количества и производства картинок, а за сколько накапало?)

    1. Спасибо, Андрей)) Долго вообще-то. Я начала заливать еще в 2007, но достаточно мало и редко. А вот с лета 2011 стала заниматься Шаттером более активно, вот продажи и начали расти))

      1. Ясн)

        Слу, хотел тебе посоветовать плагин (у тебя ведь на вордпрессе сайт?) – ReplyMe. Он отправляет оповещения пользователю, если на его комментарий ответили. Ну чтоб не заходить на сам сайт и не проверять :)

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