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Microstockers Baton

The first day of March has brought a brilliant idea to a brilliant microstocker and a lovely girl – Ekaterina Panova (you can see her pattern above) – to create a Microstokers’ Blog Baton. Find out more at a jump:

The rules of the baton are:

1. Screenshot your “Last donwloads” on Shutterstock (at this very moment) and post it on your blog;

2. Pass the baton to another microstocker you like, posting the links to their blog and Shutterstock portfolio as well as one (or more) pictures from their portfolio.

So, my At-This-Very-Moment downloads are:

I pass the baton to another nice girl and a microstock blogger Anna Volkova:) And here is one of the images from her portfolio:


Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Ека

    Reply 02.03.2012 11:26

    Спасибо! А я вот заметила, что покупают картинки в основном в странах Южной Америки, Африки, Азии и очень Западной Европы. Американцы меня игнорируют.

      • Anna Volkova

        Reply 02.03.2012 15:01

        А в России и так не снимается налог

  • Anna Volkova

    Reply 09.03.2012 12:14

    Это от России и от Американского налогового центра зависит, у них договор :)

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