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Today I am very excited to interview a highly talented RedBubble artist Nic Squirrell!

In this interview Nic will tell about his artistic experience and share some tips on how tbecome more popular on RedBubble.

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Hi Nic! Could you tell a little about yourself? Where are you from? What do you do?

I live with my better half, our daughter and two cats in a village in Kent, England.  I have also lived in Northumberland and Cumbria in the North of England, and also in Japan, which I think has influenced my work.  I paint, I draw, and I do other stuff as well..

Did you take any formal education in arts or are you self taught?

I studied Creative Visual Arts & 3D Design and Fine Art at the University of Greenwich in Kent, which was great fun. We did all sorts of things from life drawing to welding. We had wonderful tutors and I enjoyed every minute of it.

What are your favourite media? Which tools and software do you mainly use?

I love watercolour.  There is something very fresh and spontaneous and unpredictable about it.  I draw with fineliner pens or with cheap rollerballs from the local supermarket.  I also paint in acrylics on canvas, and digitally using Corel Painter.  My digital paintings are made in the same way as my ‘real’ ones, building the painting up with many thin layers. I got an iPad last year and am enjoying trying out every art app I can get my hands on.  So far my favourites are Adobe Ideas (for the cartoons), PaintBook, and Art Studio.  At the moment I am getting to grips with Artrage, which I am really impressed with.

When did you find out about RedBubble?

I saw an article about Redbubble a few years ago and was impressed by the clean uncluttered professional design combined with the quirky approach and high quality products.  There is a great community spirit.  I am very glad to be a part of it.

What is your most successful design on Redbubble?

The Fox and the Forest is my all time most successful design both on Redbubble and everywhere else.  He has become my mascot.  You can see how he came about here:  (awesome tutorial, by the way – Anastasiia-Ku)

Could you share some tips to RB newbies of how to improve sales and become more popular there?

Upload your best designs.  Take part, join groups, comment on art you like, enter contests.  Promote your work outside Redbubble.  Blog about it, use Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and anything else you can think of.  Get some postcards with your work on and your Redbubble address and give them to everyone.  Above all, enjoy it!

But from RedBubble do you contribute to somewhere else? Photobanks? Or any other websites like RB?

I don’t contribute to stock sites.  I do sell my images on other websites on all sorts of things from keyrings to wallpaper. My original paintings are exhibited in local shops and galleries here in Kent.

Which of your art pieces are you most proud of? Why?

I am always most proud of my latest piece.

What is your biggest source of inspiration? Who are your favourite artists?

Early morning walks in the countryside set me up for the day (and stop me getting fat…) and always inspire.  Travel and armchair travel.

My favourite artists are Paul Klee, David Hockney, Quentin Blake and David Gentleman.

 Thank you for the interview! Would you like to give any tips or advice to aspiring designers and illustrators?

Draw every day.  Try new subjects and new media.  Have fun.

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