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Withdraw Money From iStockPhoto

Anastasiia Ku / News  / Withdraw Money From iStockPhoto

Withdraw Money From iStockPhoto

In this post I will tell you how to withdraw money from iStockPhoto. Click “Continue Reading” to find out more:

When you have more than a 100$ earned, you can withdraw them via PayPal, MoneyBookers, prepaid iStockphoto MasterCard, or ask for a cheque. To do so click “Help” => “Contact Us”. You can find this button either on a top panel:

Or on a left side panel:

Choose “Payment Request” and press “Create a Support Ticket”:

Choose your payment type. Being from Ukraine, I use Moneybookers, as this is the most convinient possible way to withdraw money, so I ticked Moneybookers:

Enter your payout email (in my case it was a moneybookers email) and retype it again to confirm. Then type in the amount availabe to withdraw in USD and press “Send”:

Next you will see the confirmation of your payment request. You will have to press “OK”:

Next you will receive an email from iStockPhoto saying: “Thank you for contacting iStockphoto. We have received your request and will respond as soon as possible. Your ticket number is……..”.

And you will have to wait a few days to receive your money to your account.

That is all. Hope this is useful.

If you are not an iStock contributor yet, you may read an article Joining iStockPhoto;

Read more on how to sign up to ShutterStock here.

Anastasiia Kucherenko

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  • i3alda

    Reply 21.05.2015 16:40

    Hi Anastasiia,
    is it still actual? Finally I reached $100 and there is no Choose “Payment Request” , just General Inquiries, Payment (tax etc.) and Scout section. Where do I find it?

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