Signing Up To ShutterStock

If you like drawing or doodling either with a pencil or on your computer, or if you are into photography, then you can earn good money selling your arts on microstocks. In this post I will tell you how to register to ShutterStock – one of the most popular and profitable among stocks:

Click here to start. You will see the Contributors home page like the one below. Click “Sign Up Now”:

Then you will see the form where you have to write down your real name and lastname (as in Passport), username and residential address:

On the same page you will have to write down your email, and phone number. You will be also asked to choose a Payout Method, which can be Check by Mail, PayPal and Moneybookers – and write down your PayPal or Moneybookers email.

Post-Soviet countries should either use Moneybookers or Check. I suggest to use Moneybookers, as getting a check is a really long procedure.

In the section “How did you find out about us”, you may write “From Anastasiia Kucherenko, ID 102853″.

Then you are asked to classify your level of professionalism in drawing/photographing. You can use any, really, it doesn’t matter.

Tick “Illustrator” under “Which of these describe you”:

On the same page: if you are contributing to other stocks, you may write down in “Other Agencies” section.

Tick “I Agree to the Terms and Conditions” and press “Continue with Sign Up”:

After this you will be asked to upload your ID (passport, driver’s licence or any other with your photo, date of birth and name on), so just choose the JPG file and click “Upload”:

That is basically it. You might also be asked to accept ShutterStock Forum Terms of Use, shortly after which you will receive an email from ShutterStock congratulating you with a successful registration!

The first step is done! Yay!

After you signed up, you will have to prepare 10 images for the exam.


Feel free to ask me for suggestions or critique about your exam illustrations in the comment section below or simply write to my email: ychty.vse (at)


You can have a look at my Shutterstock portfolio here.

I have been contributing to Shutterstock for over 4 years, but only  half a year ago started taking it as a full-time profession. Doing it as a hobby helped me to build a strong base and develop my vector skills. Now, after these 6 “full-time” months, my earnings almost tripled and hopefully will grow in future. :)

So if you can use any of the vector editing programmes I would really suggest you to start microstocking either as a hobby or as a profession. It helps to broaden horizons :)


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  • Olga Says:

    Мне очень понравилась Ваша статья о сервисе ShutterStock =) Надеюсь, вы говорите по русски? :)) Я новичек в области векторной графики, но планирую развиваться в направлении улучшения навыков. Я правильно поняла – вы вывешиваете в данном сервисе свои работы и получаете с этого некий доход? Не могли бы Вы меня немного просвятить в этом вопросе? Если конечно, данная информация не является коммерческой тайной :} И, если можно, не поделитесь ли вы секретом-какими программными средствами вы пользуетесь для рисования?)
    П.с очень-очень милый у Вас сайт)

    • Anastasiia Kucherenko Says:

      Здравствуйте, Оля!) Очень приятно, что Вам понравились статья и блог, спасибо)
      Я пользуюсь CorelDraw обычно, иногда еще и Illustrator-ом.
      По поводу стока – все верно, после регистрации и экзамена загружаются работы, которые попадают в общую базу стока, к каждому привязывается до 50 ключевых слов и описание, по которым покупатель потом может найти работу в базе данных и купить.
      Каждую работу можно продать неограниченное количество раз и получить с каждой продажи от 0.25 до 28 долларов.
      Если у Вас возникли еще вопросы или нужна помощь в регистрации или подбрке изображений на экзамен, обращайтесь ychty.vse(а), я помогу обязателььно))

    • Anastasiia Kucherenko Says:

      Кроме вектора можно продавать и растровые изображения (хорошо отсканированные либо же нарисованные в Photoshop), фотографии, аудио и видео) Так что просторов для творчества много))

  • Olga Says:

    Спасибо вам огромное))) Вопросов множество, особенно касаемо экзамена) Я попробую все разложить по полочкам у себя в голове и тут же вам напишу письмо, если Вы не против, разумеется)

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  • David Baker Says:

    Does Shutterstock has w7 and w8 ben form to fill??? If so, is there any tips on how to fill up the form?? I know different microstocks websites has diffferent way of filling the form. How do u managed the form problems? And how much do they take away yr profit?

    • Anastasiia Kucherenko Says:

      Hello David! I am Ukrainian so I filled in W8 BEN form, as far as I remember I had to 1) write down my name; 2) country: N/A; 3) tick “individual”; 4) fill in your address; 9) tick a and b; 10) article 12(1)….0%….Royalty Income – Images; 11) tick; in the sign section write down your full name and press “Submit”.
      :) hope this helps.
      PS in 10) article 12(1) is for Russian federation, you have to find what is your country’s number.

  • David Baker Says:

    Thank you for yr reply. I tried watching some videos on Youtube on filling the W8 form and roughly got the idea.
    Btw, may I know if i am allowed to submit duplicated designs with different colour variations? For example, I create a lady with blonde hair with running pose, and the duplicated design is the same lady with different hair and shirt colour same pose.

    How many designs do you try to create per week and submit?? Currently, i am still building my portfolio and try at least 3 to 5 per week. SOund easy, but it is very difficult when u have a full time job and family commitment.

    • Anastasiia Kucherenko Says:

      Thank you!
      Some stocks dont allow doing that. But on shutterstock, if the image is good, they would accept it in different colours.
      I recently made a plan for myself to do min 5 images a day. It definitely resulted on sales, comparing to uploading up to 10 images a week when I had another full time job.
      I think if you microstock like a hobby, 5 images a week is good:)

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