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New Contest for VKontakte.ru

Hi guys! I am back form my Christmas holidays:) Hope you had a gret time!

So I started this year participating in a new emoticon contest for Russian social network VKontakte.ru. Learn more at a jump:

To participate in the contest you have to create 2 sets of 6 emitocons  in 16×16 and 32×31.

6 smileys have to represent following emotions:

1. Smile;

2. Laugh;

3. In love;

4. Cry;

5. Angry;

6. Cool.

The winner will receive a contract for $6300 to create a set of 60 emoticons in the same style. The winner together with 2 runners up will also receive an Apple MacBook Air 13” each.

The deadline is 23 Jan 2012, 23.00 Moscow time.

You can find out more details in Russian and participate here.

Here is my entry, in which I decided to create a speech bubble which would represent a real moment chat:

My second entry is classical yellow emoticons:

What do you think? You can leave some comments and critique in the comment section below or on the contest page clicking at the image:)

And you still have time to participate! Good luck!

Anastasiia Kucherenko


  • Ека

    Reply 13.01.2012 00:03

    о! я как всегда чуть не пропустила. спасибо.

  • таня

    Reply 13.01.2012 13:55

    Good luck, Nastya! Will root for you :-)

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