Creating Knitted Pattern in CorelDRAW

In this post I will tell you how to easity create nordic knitted pattern in CorelDRAW. Find out more at a jump:

Open New file, and select Ellipse Tool (F7):

Draw an oval and rotate it like shown below:

Copy and paste the oval; hold Ctrl to drag the copy to the right:

Select both ovals and weld them:

Copy the object and paste it on the distance of 10-20 objects to the right. Select both objects and blend them, so the blended objects fill in the space nicely:

Right click on the line of blended objects and break the blend group apart:

Group these, copy the whole line, paste it on some distance below, and blend the lines the same way. Right click on the whole image and break this blend group apart:

Draw red (or any other colour) rectangle and select Color Eyedropper Tool:

Using Eyedropper Tool click on the coloured rectangle to copy the colour:

Then the Tool automatically changes into Colour Fill Tool, so you just have to click on the object to fill it with the cholour you just picked:

This way you can create any pattern or image you want. Then select the whole “material” and go to Outline => No Outline.

This is how I created the series of my nordic tshirts, cards and seamless patterns for photostocks:)

Hope this was interesting and useful:)

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