Creating Watermarks in CorelDraw

Often when working with clients you need to send them images for review. You still have to be able to protect them from being stolen. In this tutorial I will tell you how to easily create your personal watermark in CorelDraw.

Open an image you want to paste a watermark on:

Select another image that will be a kind of your personal logo. If this image consists of a few objects, select them all and weld:

Select Text Tool (F8) to write down your name or the name of your website:

After writing your name, right click on the text and Convert it to Curves:

Select your logo and text, and weld them together:

Colour the welded object white. Select Transparancy Tool:

Apply Uniform Transparancy, Normal, 50%:

Paste your watermark on top of your image:

Almost done:)

This watermark would be already good for dark or colorful images. But what about white images, or small icons isolated on white? Transpaternt white simply will be invisible on white.

So, for white images (and colourful and black as well) you will need to make dark think outline of your watermark image:

Now the text would look like this:

You migth also want to make your watermark bigger so it covers a bit more of your image. To do so select FreeHand Tool and draw a diagonal from top left corner to bottom right corner:

Copy the line (Ctrl+C), paste it again (Ctrl+P) and flip horizontally:

After you have two crossed lines, select them, go to Arrange > Convert Outline to Object:

Weld the lines together with your text, so they are the same object havingblack outline and white body colour.

Apply transparancy as shown before (Uniform, Normal, 50%) and paste it on top of your image:

Now done:)

Hope it was useful for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section:)

10 thoughts on “Creating Watermarks in CorelDraw”

    1. Oh I don’t know how to create Macros. How do you do that Adrian?
      I normally just select 2 images and press C and E (horizontal and vertical centres)

  1. Hi Anastasiia! Thank you very much for your blog and tips :) I am currently thinking of buying a tablet for illustrating. Could you please tell me which of tablets do you use? Thank you.

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