What is Depositphoto?

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Now more about DepositPhoto:

I signed up to there 3 days ago and was really surprised with how fast, nice and active the team are, accepting images straigt away and suggesting the better way of uploading files etc.  So, if you want to sell your stock images and stock vectors,  I suggest you to sign up for DepositPhoto too.

The interface is very comfortable. You may have a look at my new profile here.

So, to register go here:

Click on the gree button ‘Register as Seller Now’, read the brief rules > ‘Continue’ > ‘Agree With the Membership Agreement’ > Enter your personal information like Login, Password, Email, Name, Address, How did you know about Us (ID=1169275 Anastasiia Kucherenko) > ‘Continue’ >

Now you will have to upload five images you feel represent your best work. You’ll also need to include a scanned copy of your driver’s license, passport (either domestic or international) or other document(s) proving your identity.

If you are already contributing to other microstocks, you better provide links to your portfolios as well. Professional experience in microstocking can also increase your rating when getting accepted to DepositPhotos.

To upload vectors for the exam and also later on, you will have to ZIP an .eps (or .ai) together with a .jpg (min 2400 x 1600 px):

You can earn 40-60% of Royalty per sold image.

DepositPhotos.com have developed a graduated scale for all of contributors. As you sell more images you will automatically get to the next level. The more photos you sell, the more money you can earn with each sale. See the chart below for ranking descriptions:

Non-exclusive contributor will get this much money per download (Credit payment):

If your Image was purchased by Subscription your commission depends on your Author’s level:


What I like about Depositphoto is that it’s quite comfortable to edit images in there for those who have large portfolios with images without EXIF/IPTC.

After you already submitted one image for review, you go to Unfinished Files:

Select another image of the same batch, and click on the previous image under the one you edit. It will copy all the properties, so you won’t have to write anything again.

That s all for now!

I’ll keep you updated if there is anything new I discover from Depositphoto!:)


The winners are:

1) Peter “И мне!”

2) Ben “Gret giveaway! Hope I win!”

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