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Selling Stock Vectors Tip#11

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Selling Stock Vectors Tip#11

With this post I continue the series of tips of how to sell your stock images. Please press “Continue reading” to find out more:

This week’s tip is Upload Unique Content.

Lots of contributors are copying the ideas of the most popular content on stocks, thus microstocks have ‘copies’ of top sellers in a huge quantity. And, of course, it gets more difficult for these contributors to get noticed and sell their images.

Try to avoid this mistake and better create something that stocks don’t have, something rare rather than just copy somebody else’s ideas.

Very often microstocks publish the list of needed images, which you can’t find on stocks and which are requested by the stocks customers.

iStock list the needed files in training manuals:

Shutterstock discuss demanded images on Shutterbuzz:

As a vector contributor, you can also view the requests for needed footages or photos.

For example, when I saw the footage request for e-learning/programming videos, I searched for vectors representing e-learning concept and did not find much of this content. The search by ‘e-learning’ showed only 45 results.

So, here is my contribution to the images with an ‘e-learning’ concept:


Anastasiia Kucherenko

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