Selling Stock Vectors Tip#6

Selling Stock Vectors Tip#6

With this post I continue the series of Selling Stock Vectors Tips. Click ‘Continue reading’ to find out more:

This week’s tip is Create Images With Eye-Catching Thumbnails.

Look at the thumbnails of your image and analyze if they still can attract buyers’ attention among the number of other image previews.

Byers are looking at the hundreds of the thumbnails first, and pick up the images they like looking at the small previews. So making the thumbnails of your images attractive is very important.

Also look at the most popular images page, it displays only thumbnails of the top-selling images, which still look really good. Try to analyze the previews of the topsellers, and what makes them eye-catching.

What I noticed is that one can clearly see what is illustrated, they have appealing colours, style, and the composition.

Hope this tip was useful for you!


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