15 Most Popular Interviews on Anastasiia-Ku

It’s been one year since I have a blog. For this time I interviewed so many wonderful artists from different countries and backgrounds.

I noticed that some of these interviews are being very popular among Anastasiia-Ku’s readers, and many of the talented artists are bing consnstantly searched for. So, in order to make it easier and not to make anybody go throught the archaives, I am posting the selection of 15 most popular interviews on my blog.

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Anja Kaiser – one of the most popular stock illustrators and a very nice person, being always helpful and encouraging on microstock forums and in life.

Anja’s illustrations are so stylistically and technically neat, that most of them make it to the tops of the most popular photobanks.

In this intervew Anja will share her photobank experience and will tell us some tips of how to prepare and improve yourself in microstocking.



Danilo Sanino (aka Ddraw) is a successful vector artist and microstock contributor. His style of illustration is attractive with an appealing color scheme and highly detalized elements.

In this interview Danilo is sharing his microstock experience and gives us many valuable advices of how to become a succesful stocker and improve your one’s illustrating skills.



Toru Sanogawa (aka Rikidoh) is an exclusive iStock contributor. Toru is a successful microstock illustrator with a very unique, lively and interesting style!

In this interview we will talk about Toru’s iStock experience. He will also give us some tips of how to create a grunge brush in Illustrator.




Peter Smith is a UK based artist with a very cute and playful style, who has worked with the top companies such as Disney, Fox, Universal, the BBC and for Fox/UK on THE SIMPSONS.

In this interview you will meet Peter’s Impossimals – the lovliest creatures ever – and will read about his drawing experience.




AnitaInverarity is an amazing artist I knew from RedBubble.

Every illustration drawn by Anita is full of emotions, and the heroes seem to be alive. I can also spend hours looking at all the details on the background: grass which seems to grow at this very moment; sun which is shining brightly, flowers moving with the wind..

These are really bright pictures, but made in just black and white!



John Schwegel, also known as Fizzgig, is a US based artist with his unique “spooky cuteness” style.

His characters always inspired me to develop myself in illustration and to create more. And now I am very happy to take an interview from John, and to know more about his artistic growth, experience in drawing, illustrating, and selling on stocks.



Karin Taylor is an amazing illustrator, one of the most popular RedBubble artists, and a very nice person, who is always eager to help aspiring illustrators in improving their artistic skills, developing there portfolios, encouraging them to work and never to give up, etc.

Karin attracted my atterntion from the very fist day of being on RedBubble for the tenderness and cutieness of her style. Her illustrations are full of positivism and harmony.

Karin has also authored tutorials for RedBubble users, so they could easily enhance their profiles.



Yanmos is a cool vector artist from Greece.

His environmental conceptual designs are probably the cleverest I have ever seen on RedBubble. In this interview Yannis is sharing his experience and ideas on environmantal issues.




Kuba Gornowicz (aka Headless) is a great artist from Poland with the most amazing whimsical style I have ever seen!

Just really great style, textures, colours, and ideas!






Here is an interview with a very talented artist – Sandra Vargas (aka Sandygrafik)!

I can staght away tell Sandra’s illustrations from others! They are always so cute and lovely! She’s got an amazing style, and just brilliant teckniques of creating various textures.




Rob Colvin is one of the most experienced artists I’ve ever talked to! His images are so energetic and powerful, yet Rob’s style totally takes my breath away with its magical dreaminess and calmness.

In this interview Rob will tell us about his drawing experience and will share lots of tips of how to improve your acrilic and oil drawing techniques, as well as imitating acrylic paintings in Photoshop.



Dzhamiliya Ermakova (aka Mubai) is a very popular iStock illustrator, the winner of the February challenge on iStock, an artist with a lively style and just a very nice person!

In this interview Dzhamiliya will tell us about her artistic development and will share some of the useful tips about creating grungy effects in illustrator!




Today, the guest for the interview is a great Australian artist – Mike Adey!

When I first saw Mike’s illustrations on RedBubble, I really liked his bold style and clever ideas of the images!

So, please meet Mike! Have a look at his illustrations and enjoy! :)




Tjaša Žurga (aka DrAfter123) is a very popular and very successfull iStock illustrator.

I am just in love with Tjaša’s conceptual images. Every illustration by Tjasa makes me stop for a while to look though its logical idea. All the mechanisms and schemes seem to move at the moment you look at them, as they are the part of the working organism that represent the main concept.



Travis King is a cool vector artist from the US.

I bumped into Travis’s blog accidentally, and was really impressed by his funny and conceptual designs!

I couldn’t just leave without asking Travis to give me an interview, and was really happy to get a positive answer:)

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