Selling Stock Vectors Tip#4

In this post I will share the 4th tip of how to increase your microstock sales. Press ‘Continue’ to read more.

So, this week’s tip is Modify Your Top Seller.

If you noticed that one of your images sells really good, think why, and try to modify the image leaving or slightly changing the ‘successful’ part of it.

In my example there was a grungy retro background, that started being quite popular from early on. In the Shutterstock Darkroom I figured out that it was mostly downloaded by the keywords ‘grunge’, ‘texture’ and ‘background‘, so I decided to keep these ‘selling’ features. And after adding or changing some details, I created the whole set of these vintage backgrounds, some of which appeared to sell quite well.

So, you too can either completely keep the idea of the best seller, and change the look of it with different elements, different position of the details and different colours like here:

or keep the way it looked adding some elements on top of it which would bring another concept to the image:

Here are some more of my ‘modified’ vintage backgrounds:


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